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About MIP Financial Solutions

Vision Statement
To progressively enrich providers and consumers of Microfinance, Insurance and Pension Services.

Mission Statement
To provide one-stop consultancy and support shop for Microfinance, Insurance and Pensions business

The 3 P Focus

We design or redesign financial products to create new customer values that impact the bottom line. Our desk and field research provides market and trend analysis that can guide service providers to take market opportunities and empower users in decision-making.
We assist our clients to engender best practices, manuals, systems and procedures that are structurally and culturally customized.We also develop and maintain customized operational software based on our understanding of the markets and the requirements of our clients
We assist our clients to remain on top of the market dynamics through continuous training and human capital development.We also provide recruitment/selection services for our select sub-sectors by maintaining a database of suitable candidates.
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