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M-Spider Banking Software is a Microfinance Banking Management Information System.  The Solutions is wholly locally developed by MIP Financial Solutions to provide a qualitative software solution that meets international standards.

Loan Portfolio Management
Unlimited number of loan products with direct linkage to General Ledger
  1. Collateral, Loan Guarantors, Write-Off (Prudential Guidelines), Reschedule, Provisions,  Penalty calculation
  2. Repayment frequencies: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Half-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly etc.
  3. Interest Calculation: Flat Rate, Declining Balance – Amortization and Compound Interest
  4. Savings Product modules linked to Loan Products
  5. Reports: Loan Disbursement Report, Loan Repayment Report, Loan Size Analysis, Loan Ageing Analysis, Loan Gender Analysis, Past Due Report, Portfolio At Risk, Loan Maturity Report, Loan Outstanding Report and others
Savings Management
  1. Configurable unlimited number of products such as Savings Account, Current Account and other customized products with direct linkage to General Ledger
  2. Interest calculations: Monthly average running balance or Monthly minimum   balance
  3. Easy-to-use teller/Cashier interface with quick mechanisms to access      information
  4. End of Day: Interest Calculation done on daily basis and compounded at the end of the month
  5. End of Month: Management Fee, Transaction Fee and other User-definable Charge
Accounting, Fixed Asset Management and Compliance Reporting
  1. The chart of accounts is complete, consistent, flexible, and user-definable—with five major categories for Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income and Expenses
  2. Full support of Deposits, Withdrawals, General Journal and Journal Entries (Income, Expenses and Cash transfer from reserve to Cashier visa-versa)
  3. Maintenance of Fixed Asset Register
  4. Allows Bulk Posting
  5. Support Monthly Salary Posting Automatically
  6. The Software can be used for Budgeting
  7. Fixed Asset Register under appropriate groups for all existing and purchases with depreciation rates and respective terms
  8. Depreciation is calculated Automatically
  9. eFASS Report is Generated Automatically by the Software
Budgeting and Human Resources Management
  1. Budgeting of all P & L accounts at the beginning of the year
  2. Monitoring template for the comparing budget and actual with variance
  3. Easy budgeting control
  4. Update of employee history and records including pre-employment history
  5. Employment details and career development upkeep
  6. Payroll processing and inbuilt of all deduction parameters
  7. Automation regular depreciation of all asset
Reporting and Data Analysis
  1. Standard reports for Loans, Savings, Management, Operational, Financial, General and customer reporting.
  2. All reports can be printed/previewed as requested by the Client e.g. Client Category, Product, Loan Officer Etc.
  3. Reports: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Savings Balance & Account Activity Statement among others In-built Performance Monitoring Tool (PMT) reports etc
  4. Exportation capabilities in a variety of file formats including Microsoft Excel, PDF (Adobe Acrobat format) and Text
  1. Integrated scalable ODBC databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server which is
  2. Excellent connectivity on Local Area Network (LAN) and Centralized Wide Area Network (WAN)
  3. Many clients’ database with no significant delay in response time
  4. Opportunity for deployment in multiple branches for on-line real time usage sharing a centralized database
Ease of Use
  1. Windows based application
  2. Consistent screens, TOOLBAR, easily identifiable menu options, and logical use of color and icons
  3. General platform standards with keyboard and mouse access to all functions
Technical Capabilities
  1. Standard operating system platform of  Windows 2000 Server,  Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
  2. The system performs well with any number of concurrent users and transaction traffic.
  3. Security administration tools are easy to use. Multileveled security for users, based on functions and responsibilities, can be used to restrict screens and menu options per user.
  4. It can also define time-out limit. It keeps a full audit trail with time, date, computer, and user stamps for each action taken by a logged user.
  5. Backup and recovery utilities for full and incremental backups are built-in and easy to manage.
  6. We provide more details on the functionality of M-Spider module by module accordingly;
Set up Modules
  1. Set up of Marketers, Marketers Group and Branch network
  2. Set up of chart of accounts and creation of new account codes
  3. Set up of User rights for Individual and Groups
  4. Set up of Product features for savings and loan products with amount range and default charges
  5. Set up of Concessions and cheque clearing days
Customer Management Modules
  1. Customer file for Individual, Group, Joint and Corporate Accounts with financial and non-financial customer details
  2. Windows for authorized editing of customer details
  3. Customer information by marketers, products, branches
Teller and Cheque Clearing Modules
  1. Access to customer information by Account Number, Name, Alternate Account Number and Product Code
  2. Display of cleared balance, book balance, last transaction date and amount
  3. Access to cleared balance, account activity, cashiers balance, picture and signature mandate
  4. Easy access to both deposit and withdrawal windows
  5. Windows for posting expenses and cash movement between cashiers, to and from vault
  6. Windows for Journal transfers with and without exceptions
  7. Windows for cheque processing including , clearing, dishonoring of cheques
Loan Processing Modules
  1. Credit appraisal setting with flexibility for result setting and credit scoring for credit pricing
  2. Loan processing and bookings with flat rate, declining balance and compound interest
  3. Flexibility in interest calculation method and frequency of calculation; daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annually with upfront or backend interest
  4. Categorization by lending model and loan structures
  5. Demonstration of repayment schedules and other loan and repayment indices
  6. Windows for Collaterals and Guarantors
  7. Windows for loan reversing and refreshing
Investment Modules
  1. Fixed Deposit take on/roll over processing
  2. Termination of Fixed Deposit
  3. Generation of Fixed Deposit certificate
  4. Reports on Fixed deposit portfolio and listing,
  5. Reports on on-coming maturity and terminated deposits
  6. Investment take-on and termination
  7. Takings from Bank, other financial institutions
  8. Refinancing facilities
Financial Reporting Module
  1. Chart of Account
  2. Trial Balance
  3. Fixed asset Group and Register
  4. Fixed asset Rate and Register
  5. Static Monthly deductions
  6. Profit and Loss Account
  7. E-fass Reporting
  8. Budget Set-up and reporting
  9. Budget variance
  10. Financial ratio monitor
Human Resources & Payroll Module
  1. Pre-employment History
  2. Employee details
  3. Medicals
  4. Disciplinary action
  5. Leave tracking
  6. Career Development, pre and post employment
  7. Salary set-up, run and preview
Savings Reports
  1. Introducers Reports
  2. Marketers Reports
  3. Account Activity
  4. Customers Account Balance Reports
  5. Account Balances
  6. Savings Product listing
  7. Daily Transaction reports
  8. Customer listing
  9. Post dated cheque registry
  10. Client Transaction reports
  11. Active Accounts
  12. Inactive Accounts
  13. Balance range reports
  14. Transaction between reports
Loan Reports
  1. Loan counter
  2. Repayment schedule
  3. Repayment reports
  4. Disbursement reports
  5. Past due reports
  6. Portfolio at risk
  7. Loan maturity reports
  8. Loan outstanding reports
  9. Fully paid loans and more
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