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Software Solutions

The goal of the Software Solutions team is to support our clients in the chosen sector by providing qualitative software solutions that meets international standards.

The three (3) categories of software solutions wholly developed in house by our Software Solution Team includes:

M-Spider:     A Microfinance Software Solutions
-Front Office/Teller Operations
-Loan Portfolio Mgt
-Deposit/Savings Mgt
-Customer Information Mgt
-Customizable Product Modules
-Real Time Financial Statements
-Accounting Fixed Asset Management
-Company Monitoring
-Budgeting and Human Resources Managent
-Payroll Management
-Efass Returns
Fin-Spider:        A Financial Service Solutions
-General Ledger Account Summary
-Borrowing /Treasury Management
-Loans and Advances
-Finance Lease
-Liability Management
-Admin and Human Resources
-Customizable Product Modules
-Real Time Statement

A-Spider:       An Asset Management Solutions
-Money Market Operation
-Fund Management/Portfolio Management
-Capital Market Operations
-Fixed Income Securities
-Real Estate
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