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Welcome to MIP Financial Solutions
The MIP Brand
MIP Financial Solutions is a financial services company dedicated to providing support services to users and operators in key sectors of the financial services industry, especially the Microfinance, Insurance and Pensions industries.
We are a niche-focused professional consultancy firm committed to supporting our select markets to achieve its maximum potential by providing value services to our customers. We are dedicated to filling emerging gaps in the financial services industry in comtemporary and aftermath following the conclusion of varoius industry-wide reforms.
OikoCredit Commends MIP Financial Solutions ...
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MIP Financial Solutions launch a Credit Appraisal Software ...
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Ibogun Microfinance Bank comes alive with M-SPIDER ..
The Opening Ceremony was attended by Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Senate President Dr David Mark amoung other diginitaries
Vision Statement
To progressively enrich providers and consumers of Microfinance, Insurance and Pension Services.
Mission Statement
To provide one-stop consultancy and support shop for Microfinance, Insurance and Pensions business
Doing more in few markets
To deliver our strategic mission, we maintain an in-house team of experts that combine their diverse professional skills in a collaborative method to build synergy and thereby create exceptional values for providers and end-users of financial services in our chosen markets, especially in times of rapid change

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An Indispensable tool for Insurance Companies in Making Marketing Plan for Brokers Market in 2011.
   » 50 Pages of insightful analysis as 100 Sampled Brokers bare their minds on 49 Insurers about critical industry sentiments
   » Help you to see your Insurance Company the way Brokers perceive the company and discover necessary corrective strategies
   » And More
M-Spider is a product of several years of our research into Microfinance / Grassroot Banking in Nigeria. The Solutions is wholly developed in-house by our Software Solution team to provide a qualitative software solution that meets international standards. The Software is eFASS compliant and prepared to make your reporting to CBN easy and timely. We enumerate as follows the functionality of M-Spider.: click here for more...
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Motor insurance is flagship insurance products that have become the “face of insurance” to the insuring public. Against the backdrop of the image and penetration problem facing the insurance industry and the need to achieve the lofty objectives of the Market Development Research Initiatives and enhance the contribution of Insurance to GDP, we have embarked on and concluded a major perception and pricing research on Motor Insurance click here for more...
-General Ledger Account Summary     -Loans and Advances       -Liability Management      -Borrowing /Treasury Management   -Admin and Human Resources            -Finance Lease                  -Real Time Statements       -Customizable Product Modules
Our specialy packaged Micro-Insurance products are designed to protect your Microfinance Banks from the risk of non-repayment of loan granted to customers whenever the customer suffers an incidence of Fire, Burglary or Death or Permanent Disability. Please contact us for more detail information.
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